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Development of Low Cost Diagnostic and Monitoring Method for Diabetes Prevention

TechnoDevelop selected by Grand Challenges Canada for the Star of Global Health Award for the project “Development of Low Cost Diagnostic and Monitoring Method for Diabetes Prevention”. Further information on the project is available at:

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Grand Challenges Canada is funded by the Government of Canada and is dedicated to supporting Bold Ideas with Big Impact in global health.

Participated in Grand Challenges Canada Round (2012)

TechnoDevelop participates in Grand Challenges Canada - Bold Ideas for Global Health Program. TechnoDevelop will work on business methods, processes, diagnostic approaches for disease prevention, and related issues contributing to Global Health.

Short Listed as an Early Win Company by RIC

TechnoDevelop shortlisted as an Early Win Company by Research Innovation Commercialization (RIC) Centre. The Award through Invest Ottawa will enable TechnoDevelop to bring its technologies and products closer to market realization and expansion.

Promotion Campaign at Hong-Kong ICT Expo

TechnoDevelop promotes its products and services at the Canadian Pavilion in the International ICT Expo held at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center on April 13-16, 2011.

Expanding Manpower

TechnoDevelop Corp. expands its manpower network of resources globally by recruiting experienced technology personnel from the Carleton University’s Technology Innovation Management (TIM) program. The experts have 2 to 16 years of experience in high tech development and are expected to work for TechnoDevelop-TIM joint projects at Ottawa, Singapore, Bangalore, and Chennai.

Part of the Lead to Win Ecosystem

TechnoDevelop Corp. proposed to be part of a group of product and service providers under the Lead To Win Ecosystems in several communities of Ontario. The company plans to develop and commercialize required customer premise equipment - FlyWizerâ„¢ terminals that allow households to receive electronic flyers from vendors and pictorial information from emergency service providers, contributing to environmental protection through reduced use of paper. The technology and related business method is under patenting.

Secures NRC-IRAP Project

TechnoDevelop Corp. secures NRC-IRAP project for business development in biomedical field.

Short Listed by Talent First Network

TechnoDevelop Corp. shortlisted by Talent First Network as one of the most promising technology companies with global outlook and potential for development.